Red Cherry 800 gm

"Realroots trusts in sourcing the most delicious and Best quality Red Cherry from Kashmir for our customers in India. Dipped in 30% Sugar Syrup, packed directly from the fields to taste the best Ingredient type: Red Cherries, water, sugar syrup, INS 509 and INS 127 Net weight 840 g, drained weight 420 g Best before 18 months from date of manufacturing Storage Instructions: store in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light. After opening store in refrigerator in a closed container and consumed within 2 days or immediately Do not consume a leaky or puffed tin"

Key Product Features

Realroots Canned Red Cherry packed directly from the fields to taste the best


Red Cherry with without Stem Can Food Fruit Premium


"Cherry, Water, Sugar, Firming Agent (INS 509), Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS 127) 30% Sugar Syrup"

Nutritional Information per 100 g approximation:

"Energy - 84.00 Kcal Carbohydrates - 18.20 g Protein - 0.60 g Sugar - 16.10 g Fat - 0.10 g Saturated Fat - 0.00 g Trans Fat - 0.00 g"

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